Timeline of the Perth PC Users Group Inc.

Special General Meeting held at Liddelow Homestead voted unanimously to wind up the group.
Letter from Peter Scales(no present) was read out at the meeting,
President’s Notes, Special General Meeting, Tues 12 November 2019.   First, my sincere apology for being unable to attend today in person.   Today is a momentous occasion! After nearly four decades of incredibly successful operation the Perth PC Users Group, Inc. is coming to an end. In that time it has been a valuable vehicle for all of us Members to help each other to use their computers more efficiently and more effectively. And that applies to some hundreds of Members that we have had over that time.   For a moment just consider the changes that have taken place to computing hardware, software and organisation over the past 35 to 40 years. When we began computers were primitive, printers even more so. For software we were grappling with Windows 3.1. Most of the time at meetings was devoted to obtaining software, on 3.5 inch discs, no thumb drives then. Storage was miniscule. Laptops were the new thing, so you didn’t have to lug the desktop to a meeting for help!  Mobile phones, iPads and tablets were far in the future. And just contemplate for a moment the incredible power and versatility of current mobile phones: graphics beyond belief; instant access; camera  and photo album; access to all the world’s knowledge; enormous computation ability; linkage to satellite location; etc; etc. Likewise tablets and the variety of other handy, portable hardware now commonplace . And I don’t have to mention the huge and flexible storage available on TB disks and thumb drives.   But you know all of hat, and thanks to PPCUG you understand most of it, and can make effective use of it. That is no mean achievement. So I’ll move on to thanking some of the people who have made it all possible. Organisations don’t run themselves. Considerable personal effort behind the scene is required. This is often unseen and insufficiently appreciated.   First, your Committees over the years. Meeting organisation, Club  membership, contacts and finances require constant attention. Second, Convenors and presenters of our various SIGs. These people have made your enjoyment of and benefit from PPCUG possible. I mention the current and most recent Committees in particular. As we all aged (we are now in our 70’s, not our 30’s) fewer and fewer Members have come forward to serve on the Committee and to keep the Club working properly. I thank them all on your behalf, especially Connie our Treasurer, who made her business expertise available to us, and Trisha our Vice-President who has always been ready to step in to help me out, especially with my recent health problems.   But there are two others who deserve special mention. Gordon, currently our Secretary, who has been a tower of strength in many roles, as Webmaster, as Keeper of our equipment, as Presenter and as Problem Solver, to name but some of his contributions., and Trevor, our Technical Advisor, who has maintained our PPCUG email system, and been ever so helpful to many, many Members in so many ways over the years. Thanks heaps to you both. And to anyone else I’ve forgotten to mention: Sorry! And thanks too!   Before we all vanish to our own little realms make sure you have contact details for those you wish to be able to contact in future. Computing is much easier now, but still generates queries.  And it will continue to do so. The past has been successful. Make sure the future is no more difficult. Farewell, and Happy Computing!   Peter Scales, President.

October, November and December Main meetings temporary moved to Catholic Education Office, West Leederville because of renovations at East Perth Railway Terminal meeting rooms.
Members moving from Dial-Up(56k) Internet to ADSL plans. Able to use phone and Internet on the one line at the same time. Lite plans starting at 256k download speeds for $19.95/month.

Moved PPCUG Internet hosting from WA Networks to WESTNET.

Moving PPCUG co-hosted Internet server from CANTECH(Canning College) to West Australian Networks(not Westnet). Offering 20 dial up lines and possibility of ADSL access.

Main meetings are held at the Wilsmore Lecture Theatre at UWA.

PPCUG Bulletin Board System (BBS) announces closing down after vote by members at main meeting. It was un economic and getting little use. It had had two phone lines in and was running on a PC with 686 -P200 CPU and a CD Rom, 12 GB hard drives and two modems.

iiNet takes over Omen Internet Services. Not able to strike a good deal so looked elswhere and Cantech(part of Canning College) where happy to host our Internet server at their premises.

PPCUG provide Dial-Up Internet access for its members, via Omen Internet services.

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